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It is with deep regret that we remind you of the passing of LAC BLOGGS (MTD) professional RAAF Motor Transport Driver. LAC BLOGGS (MTD) joined the RAAF in 1921 and served with distinction and pride until the 31st December 1995 when cruelly taken from us by a bureaucratic decision. LAC BLOGGS (MTD) served in all ranks and positions of the known mustering up to and including WOFF MTD2, and in all area's required by the RAAF including those of deadly conflict. LAC BLOGGS (MTD) served in many guise's and in some paid the supreme sacrifice with both honour and dignity. LAC BLOGGS (MTD) is survived by many close relatives still serving in most, if not all, musterings of the RAAF with the same family pride and distinction. Although the RAAF, and possibly Australia in general, may forget you in time we will endeavour to ensure that your deed's remain known as long as possible. LAC BLOGGS (MTD) was laid to rest, in spirit if not in body, at RAAF Point Cook, the birthplace of all RAAF Professional Transport Drivers and the RAAF as a whole. Rest in peace LAC BLOGGS (MTD), it's time to park your rig for the last time Lest we forget your deed's and proud history.


RAAF professional drivers have a long and proud history covering in excess of 74 years of continuous commencing with the establishment of the First Motor Transport Section at Point Cook Victoria in 1921. That section, and the buildings used, are still standing and currently in use by elements of the RAAF today. Last known in the service as "Truckies"  Motor Transport Driver's (MTD's) have proudly served their country any where that supplies have had to be moved and fleets of vehicles operated. Their service includes duty in WW2, Korea, Malaya, Vietnam, Sinai and numerous other zones of both peace and conflict. The mustering has been known by many names starting with Farrier, (our first vehicles were in fact horse's), Despatch Rider, Driver Mechanical Transport, Motor Transport Mechanic, WRAAF Motor Transport Driver (our female compatriots) and of course culminating in the end of the road Motor Transport Driver.


Regrettably the RAAF completed the disbandment of the Transport Driver mustering in December 1995 and thereby ended the long line of men and women who have "Carried The Force". Despite this situation, ex truckies are not sitting around crying in their beer, they have formed an new group of their own, The Ex RAAF MTD Association Inc. Vic. (ERMTDA Inc). The Association is a bona fide Ex Service Organisation, regognised by the ATO as a "Not for Profit Organisation" and is dedicated to the continuation of the musterings spirit and cameraderie. To this end a suitable Wake was organised to commemorate the life and death of the mustering.


The Wake for LAC BLOGGS (MTD) coincided with the inaugural reunion and meeting of the newly formed Association. The three day function held from the 1st to the 3rd December 1995 at the RAAF Point Cook Golf Club, with the assistance of serving members of RAAF Williams, was attended by in excess of 200 ex MTD's and their families. Both the last serving and ex serving members attended with service time ranging from less than 12 months up to 39 years with a combined total of 2123.5 years. Although one and all reminisced the past and lamented the unfathomable loss of the present, the spirit prevailed and we all looked to the future.


 The "Wake" laid the ground rules for future functions and directions of our Association. As a result we now meet on a bi-annual basis at various localities around Australia where we renew old memories and just have a good time. The Association now has fully trained volunteers to help, not only our own members, but any person with any military background to submit any claims for medical disabilities etc. We also actively seek the location of former members of the mustering. To that end, if you know of any that are not on our database please visit our "guest book" and leave us some details so that we may contact them.


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