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The ERMTDA 2106/Eq/Pt 7 Files

Issue 3                       Sep  2022                                               


Function Facts

Short of a statewide Covid type shutdown this years reunion will definitely be happening from Friday the 14th to Monday the 17th Oct at the National Military Vehicle Museum site at 10 Sturton Road Edinburgh Parks S.A.

Annual Return and AGM

There has only been one nomination received and that is basically to retain the current long serving President. As there will now be no time to get any further nominations out to the membership, we will simply ask the current serving members if they are prepared to continue serving in their positions. The annual financial return is attached to the emailed newsletter. It will also be available at the AGM or upon request from Treas. Also if you have any matter that you would like discussed at the meeting, even if you cannot attend yourself, please let us know as soon as possible. Whilst it cannot be voted on, again due to the fact that we will not be able to get the details out to members for a response, it can be written into the Agenda and discussed. 

Sick List

Bryant Bolden is currently fighting the big “C” in relation to his throat. We wish him all the best in his fight.

Bill Waldie has been diagnosed with Dementia and we understand that he is now in a care facility. Physically he is fighting fit but mentally, that is another story all together as most of us are fully aware of the effects of Dementia.

Last Post

Regretfully we again must notify you of the passing of some of our fellow truckies. They are as follows:

Mark Atkins          25 Jul 2022

Keith Cooke          28 Jul 2022

Barry McFarlane    12 Aug 2022

Roger Hammer      14 Aug 2022, and

Ian Dennison         20 Aug 2022

Rest In Peace to our departed Truckies, it’s our turn to carry the loads from now.

Never Forget

Truckies Carried the Force, and now will again.


Links for Reunion:

ERMTDA - AGM Registration Form 2022.doc

Commitee Nom 2022.doc

Highway 1 Caravan Park