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JUNE 2022 Newsletter




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The ERMTDA 2106/Eq/Pt 7 Files

Issue No 1                      June 2022


Function Facts

Clearly there has been some forms of misleading information in relation to the how’s, why’s and wherefores’ of this years reunion function. First and foremost, it appears that some people need again to be reminded that the Association is a registered business governed by many laws relating to the operation of a business. It is NOT and never has been a military type Social Club even though the various Committees during its history have tried to incorporate that Social Club Esprit de Corps into it. The final decision on a venue etc rests solely with the Committee as a whole and not any one individual Association member regardless if that member is serving on the committee or not. This very clearly explained in the Association Rules under Aims of The Association Rule 3 (f). Whilst Brighton Beach was certainly on the short list, it was determined that for many reasons it was not the best venue. Among those reasons were there is only two very small camp kitchens that could only handle about 25 people each at any one time and there was no way we could get exclusive use of even one, more or less both. Accommodation costs are as high as $185.00 per night for a cabin, far in excess of what some members could afford. There was no hall or similar, anywhere nearby that we could hire for our use over the weekend so everything would have had to be done in that Caravan Park alone. That would have necessitated hiring a lockable mobile cool room at about $600.00 and at least one committee member in attendance 24 hours a day as we would have to share ALL facilities at all times with the general public. The nearest possible site for the Saturday night meal was quite close but it required access by two flights of stairs and that was also prohibitive to some of our members having moderate to severe mobility problems, plus the cost of “hiring” the room and catering for that one night was quoted at being between $2,500 and $3,000 for just one meal not including drinks. All in all between the costs involved and what we would be getting for those costs, it simply was neither suitable nor viable. We also did a rough estimate of costs for members travelling to the function and return and based on fuel costing $2.50 per litre and a vehicle averaging 8 litres per 100 klm came up with the following travel costs along with current airfares. Brisbane (2000 Klm) $835.00 by veh and $140.00 per person by air. Sydney (1400 klm) $585.00 by vehicle and 120.00 per person by air. Melbourne (725 klm) $305.00 by vehicle and $100.00 by air. NOTE: These are one-way figures simply double them to get a full return cost. At these rates we felt it essential to find a better accommodation cost for those members requiring it as well as an all in venue. Adding upwards of another $550.00 for three nights accommodation would make the whole weekend prohibitive in cost to many of our pensioner members.

Along with the above, some members had gotten misleading information in that the function was being held in Kingston Park and that was never even being considered. The final Committee decision was made in mid April of this year so anyone receiving any information from any source prior to that should by now realise that it was at best inappropriate and at worst unreliable as it had not come from the Committee as a whole. The other thing to understand is when your committee is organising a function, of any sort, they are not really interested in who will not be attending, other than recording apologies in the minutes. Who will be attending is what gives the numbers required to actually run the function and that is the same throughout any organisation not just your Association.

Ok we have now received enough expressions of attendance to confirm that short of a statewide Covid type shutdown this years reunion will definitely be happening from Friday the 14th to Monday the 17th Oct at the National Military Vehicle Museum site at 10 Sturton Road Edinburgh Parks S.A.

Annual Return and AGM

This years AGM, will be the first in person AGM so to speak in three years so the more the merrier. Attached to this newsletter is a Committee Nomination Form. Please use it if you so desire, and return it asap so we can get any nominations out to the membership in General IAW with our Association Rules.  The annual financial return will be made available both by mail out after it has been accepted by Vic Small Business Affairs and by email. It will also be available at the AGM. Also, if you have any matter that you would like discussed at the meeting, even if you cannot attend yourself, please let us know as soon as possible so that it can be written into the Agenda. If it is not on the Agenda it cannot be discussed as part of the AGM. If it is then we need to get proxy voting forms out to all members to give them the option to vote hence the need for any response to be virtually immediate as time is running out fast.


Sick List

Locky Christensen is recovering from heart surgery. Apparently, they found that he actually had one just that it was not working properly but they could not ascertain how long that was the case. Some of us could probably give them some idea if they really wanted to know. In the meantime old mate keep on trucking we still need you to be there.

Last Post

Regretfully we again must notify you of the passing of some of our fellow truckies. They are as follows:

Phillip (Lofty) Dawson  Mar 2021

Alan Pool              27th Mar 2022

Margaret Heferen. 16th April 2022

Paul Inman            29th April 2022

Bill Haley              19th May 2022

John Kelly             17th Jun 2022

Ian Ward               18th Jun 2020

Rest In Peace to our departed Truckies, it’s our turn to carry the loads from now.


Links for Reunion:

ERMTDA - AGM Registration Form 2022.doc

Commitee Nom 2022.doc

Highway 1 Caravan Park